Bio Mass Best Renewable Energy Source

Biomass, a renewable energy source obtained from organic materials such as wood, agricultural waste, or garbage. Wood is the greatest source of energy for biomass.

There are two properties that make biomass unique and efficient among all renewable energy sources: It covers the whole energy processes like heating/cooling, electricity, fuels and there are no associated storage issues.

Biomass is an inherent energy that comes from the sun and can grow back in a relatively short period of time. Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is absorbed by the trees and turned into biomass. Carbon dioxide is released when trees die. Almost the same amount of carbon dioxide is released by the trees into the atmosphere when they are either burned or naturally decomposed. The motive is that if trees harvested as biomass are burned, the new trees absorb the carbon produced by combustion, so in this way, the carbon cycle theoretically remains in equilibrium and no additional carbon is added to atmospheric equilibrium. Therefore, biomass is probably considered as “carbon neutral”. Since the CO2 produced by burning fossil fuels is not offset, replacing fossil fuels with biomass apparently leads to a decrease in CO2 emissions.              

Biomass should be cultivated, harvested, collected, distributed, processed, transported, and stored before it gets utilized and converted into energy. The same procedure can be used for waste and microorganisms that make biomass relatively expansive as an energy source. New technologies are under development that aims to reduce the volume of biomass (to achieve high energy efficiency at a lower volume), find better ways to store, transport, and prepare for conversion. While being a unique renewable energy resource, biomass can be used as a solid, liquid and gaseous energy source by several processes such as thermochemical, physical-chemical, and biochemical which generate electricity or an effect of heating/cooling by combustion or complete oxidation.

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